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How to reset WordPress user password

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Here is a guide and instructions to reset your password if you have lost your admin WordPress login password.

You have 2 options

  1. Reset WordPress password with access to the email you registered with
  2. Reset WordPress password without access to your email address

1. Resetting WordPress Password with access to your registered email


Go to your WordPress login page which is typically located at /wp-admin.php (e.g.,php.

Choose either Click on the “Login with” or  "log in with username and password".


The screen y ou will see will depend on your previous selection (e.g Login with Wordpress see image to the left, or login see image right). Once you reach the login screen of  your choice, look down for the "lost your password" link.

Click on the “Lost your password?” link located at the bottom of the login screen


On the next screen (the look and feel will once again depends on your previous choice), enter your username or the email address you provided when you initially set up your account in the relevant field.

Click "get your password" and you will receive an email with a reset link. (Check your spam folder if you dont find your email within half hour of clicking reset)

1. Resetting WordPress Password without access to email

If you do not have access to your email or cannot remember it, or WordPress is not sending your amail, the solution is to reset WordPress admin password by directly modifying the database via phpMyAdmin. 

Important! It is vital to understand that any database modification from phpMyAdmin could potentially have negative effects on your site and create errors. If you are not comfortable with this solution or method, please contact a developer.

You will first need to login to phpMyAdmin.This is typically located at

You may also access if via your web host if they are using cPanel, the link to phpMyAdmin is found within the database section.

Make sure that you know your database name which can be found in your wp-config.php (located at the root directory of your website which can be accessed via FTP or through File Manager in your cPanel) - see screenshot.


Find the table "prefix_users" (the prefix is the characters and/or numbers before "_" and can also be found in your configiguration file)

Select the table by clicking on its name.


Once your table is selected, click on Browse athe top left corner of the left page to find the relevant admin user.

Once your found the relevant user, click on Edit in the user's row. (see screenshots)


On the Edit screen, you will find various fields. Find the field ID user_pass. Delete the value in the user_pass value field and replace it with your new password. Under the function column, select MD5 from the drop down menu.

Once done click on the Go button  located at the bottom of the page.

Et Voila!

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